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A 12-hour digital clock which updates every minute
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"a digital clock" widget, developed by tfit and given for free by Opera Widgets, is a digital clock which is a very simple application though a very handy one. It is on your desktop, but the program name also appears on the task bar as you start Windows. When you are busy with, for example, Internet Explorer, it is still there to watch the time. It can only disappear when you close the widget. It runs very smoothly, but it has some limitations. You can only check the time, not the date. Also, the developers website shows a nice clock with date and time, but when you download this widget the only thing you can see is the time. It is also a 12-hour clock and not a 24-hour one, which might be confusing when you are used to 24-hour clocks. What is a very good thing about this widget is that you can change the settings. It is possible to change the standard position of the clock, and it is possible to adjust its size. You can't change the time, which is not necessary though, because the widget knows which time zone you're in.

Tino Staal
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  • Simple
  • Stays in the front


  • Ugly, only the minutes are shown, no date, can't be minimized
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